10 Must Have Traits Needed to Achieve Success

Do you ever dream about being rich?  Do you want to succeed in life? How about retire early?  These are all desires most people want in life.  But it’s sad to say the majority of you will not ever have any of this.  Most people will fail because they don’t have it in them to do what it takes to achieve these dreams.    People are out hoping to find a four leaf clover.   No one is ever going to hand you riches or the key to success.   You need to get off your ass and start making things happen!

There is no way you or I can achieve the level of success we dream about unless you start changing your life.  It’s time to change your perspective on how you see the world, grab the bull by the horns and take what is yours to be.   I will not stop until I have the world in the palm of my hands.   It’s hard to describe the motivation and passion I have for achieving my dreams.  It’s almost like a super hero power to succeed that I’ve obtained.  I feel unstoppable and I want what I have never had, what no one in my family has ever had and I am determined to leave a legacy for my future children.

I have no mentor walking me through this, no help from friends or family.  Most people you know won’t understand the motivation and the drive that will take over you.   You will come across people who want to bring you down, talk you down, try to get you to do less work or goof off when you know work needs to be done.  I will not let that stop me and neither should you.  We can not tolerate any excuses to try to slow us down.  I am absolutely 100% positive that I will succeed!  I will retire early!  And I will be a multi-millionaire!

The way we can achieve this level of success all starts with having a crazy high work ethic.  The kind of ethic that most people are too lazy to have.    I’ve read many books on what it takes to have these qualities like my favorite:  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Reading self motivational books to inspire me has helped me tremendously to get to this mindset.  I urge you to pick some up and read if you have not already done so.


People with a high work ethic embody certain principles that will achieve this level of success.  Below are 10 must have traits needed to achieve success that I have acquired and that will allow me to reach my goals.  These are attributes you need to incorporate in your life too.

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1) Embrace Failure

  • You have to understand that during your journey you will fail.  Probably many times.  You can’t let this affect you.  It’s not about how you fall, it’s about how you get up!  Learn from your mistakes.  Failing allows us to build knowledge on what does not work and should give you insight and more options on how to do it better the next time.  Never ever give up!

2) Dedication

  • Having a high work ethic goes hand in hand with having an extra ordinary amount of dedication.  Not only should you give it 110% in any task that you do but you should want to do that.  Even the smallest tasks that you do.   Not only do you want to do it right, but you want to do it better than everyone else.   You may be looked down by others for being an over achiever but those people will never get to these dreams with that attitude unless they get an inheritance.  I guarantee you will stand out from the others when management or other opportunities come knocking at your door.  This is a very important attribute to have.

3) Responsibility

  • Having a strong sense of responsibility will affect the quality of work you achieve.  Knowing that your results are yours only will lead to more time and effort put into whatever task is at hand.  You can not rely on anyone else to do anything for you.  You want to do it properly?!  It’s up to you to make sure its done properly!  Put in your very best and take full responsibility for your results.

4)  Wake up with a desire to succeedAbraham lincoln inspiration quote

  • How you wake up in the morning affects how your day will be.  You absolutely must start your day off right and with that super hero drive to succeed.   Do not catch yourself dragging out of bed, or waking up with negative thoughts on what the day will bring.  The greatest book I have ever read that helped me achieve this trait is The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  Read this book and you it will change the way you wake up for sure.  I wake up every morning now ready to go and ready to do what it takes to achieve my dreams.

5) Do it now mentality

  • Having a crazy high work ethic means you want to get it done now.  No procrastinating.   If you have something that needs to be done and can be done now, do it!  This doesn’t meant rush into it though.  Make sure when you do what you need to do, that you put the effort involved for making sure its done right.  Having that high level of responsibility and dedication will help you with this trait.  I never let emails sit in my inbox, I never let tasks or chores linger.  I do it now and get things done right!


6) Productivity

  • If you have a high work ethic then it will show by the level of productivity you achieve.  You will do more work then everyone else around you.  You will do it faster, better, and bigger.  People will be amazed at what you’re doing and there will be haters for sure.  But don’t let that bother you.  This is something I deal with every day at my day job.  People have told me I make them look bad because of the amount of work I do.  Every time I hear that I know I’m on the right path to financial freedom.

Albert Einstein Inspiratino quote


7) Have purpose

  • If you do not have purpose in life, you will not succeed.   Yeah you want to get rich.  But why?  If you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing it will be easy to get off course.  The reason why I want to achieve these goals is so that I can travel the world with no worries and take care of my family without the struggles that I went through growing up with my family.  There is a reason you are preparing yourself and building all these traits to achieve the dream.  Figure it out and have purpose in what you do!

8) Reliability

  • If you have a great work ethic and you say you are going to do something, then you need to do it. No one wants to work with or have any part to do with flaky people.  Being a person of your word goes hand in hand with success.  Successful people are dependable.  So many people out there just say what they think you want to hear.  You know who I’m talking about, they are everywhere.  Don’t be that person.  Choose your words wisely and mean them.  People will take notice in this and it will lead to opportunities.

9) Discipline

  • Having discipline is vital to success.  I literally get asked to go to a happy hour multiple times a week.  My friends just want to go out and get drunk just about every single night.  These are the types of people who will not help you achieve the level of success you are looking for.  You must have self-discipline to constrain yourself in partaking with any activities that will slow you down.   Sure it’s great to get out once or twice a week and have a few beers.  But 4 to 5 times a week is not good for you and will impact your results.  Discipline also comes in handy when you are just trying to get things done.  In order to make things happen in the level you need it to happen, you will need discipline to keep you in line.

 napoleon hill inspiration quote


10)  Weed out all the negative people in your life

  • This may be the hardest one of all folks.  There are people out there that can suck you dry.  Negativity seems to be common among a lot of people and can be detrimental to your success.   If you have friends that bring you down, are negative in almost everything they say and have absolutely zero motivation to move up in the world, its time to drop those people and get some new friends.   You become who you surround yourself with.  Try and find new people with your interests to succeed to make friends with.  If you can not find any people around you, then by all means go online and make some online friends that have the same passion.  This is what I have resorted to doing because I just can’t find people in my work place or close to home that have the passion and dedication that I have to reach success.  Luckily there are all kinds of forums and blogs out here with people just like us who we can communicate with.  It helps a lot!

Do you have what it takes to achieve your financial dreams?  It’s time to wake up, change your life and take the necessary steps to get what you’re looking for.  I have started the journey and you can too.


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    • Hi Steve! Thanks so much! I was getting super motivated just writing this one too. Really pumped me up just writing it. Glad it put a good start to your day!

  1. Great list. I particularly love #10, ‘Weed Out All the Negative People in Your Life,’ the ones I call the Naysayers! No doubt they will suck the energy right out of you if you let them. I might add ‘Continually Educate Yourself’ to your list. The importance of constantly improving your financial literacy can’t be overstated. More (relevant) knowledge means more money. Again, great list!

    • You’re absolutely right James! I should have put continual education as a line item. That definitely should be on there. Good one! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I enjoy reading entrepreneurship and motivational books as well. They light a fire in me. Particularly liked Abraham Lincoln’s quote about those who wait. Good write up, I’ll be checking out your blog more!

    • I think everyone should pick up a good motivational book every once in awhile. It really does help and make you a better person. Thanks so much for the compliment. I love that Abraham Lincoln quote also!

  3. Great list. I particularly liked #10. Negativity is so contagious and sometimes powerful that it can take you down no matter how positive you are. I have a few people like this in my life and I feel that their mind is resilient to positivity and that they prefer that other people be negative than them to be positive. Much like Sadness in the Inside Out movie, really. Like you, I also resort to the online community’s help and support when it comes to reaching my personal finance goals. I only just started but it has been good so far.

    Good luck in your journey and thanks for sharing this.

    • Hey J! Thanks for checking out the post. #10 is something that people are scared to do. It causes a lot of emotions and that is why it is very difficult. I kind of lucked out on that one because I moved to a different state and immediately started fresh on meeting the right people. So luckily, I dont have anymore negative people in my circle because I left them all in a different state.

  4. For me It’d boil down to having passion and an interest/focus in what you are doing.. While passion/interest alone aren’t going to make you successful as you need to produce an item/service that the market or an employer will pay for/find useful having the passion will help you to continue on/push forward when you hit an inevitable wall 🙂

    Top article CFD, loving these as I’m making my way though your back cataloge

    • You are right on target Jef. Having that passion for your interest is huge and will really help you achieve success. Many people don’t have that kind of drive and passion though which is sad. My passion is to retire early and I will do everything I can do that. I love it!

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