19 Hysterical Real Estate related Google Autocompletes

Funny Google Auto Suggestions

Google is my favorite search engine.  I use it just about every single day and it provides all the information I could I ever dream about.  But it’s also freaking hilarious when you see some of the auto suggestions that it provides.  The crazy part is that it does the autocomplete based on what real people are really searching for.  It blows my mind what thousands of people are typing into the google search bar.  Prepare to be mind blown!

Here are the 19 craziest real estate investing google autocompletes when trying to do an actual search on some of the most common real estate investing questions.


1)  Are rentals good investments?

are rentals good investments

Ren and Stimpy!   That brings back a lot of memories. I remember watching the cartoon when I was a kid and I don’t recall ever thinking they were gay but apparently it is debatable.


2)  How do I find a distressed home?

how do i find a distressed home

Really people!  I mean to each their own on what you do on your spare time.  But if you are looking for drugs, I’m pretty sure the internet is not where you are going to find it.   I’m sure there are much smarter methods on looking for your drugs.


3)  How should I handle bad tenants?

how do i handle bad tenants

I honestly don’t even know what to say about this one.  How should I handle bad teeth kill you?  What in the world does that even mean and why are people searching this??  I had to scratch my head on this one.


4)  How to build a real estate empire?

how to build a real estate empire

Don’t get me wrong.  I would love to build a real time machine. Wouldn’t you?  I’d go back in time and buy a ton of google shares when they first went public.   But people!  Really!!??


5)  When will the housing market crash?

when will the housing market crash

Yes I want to get into heaven too but I’m pretty sure no one knows when and if it will ever begin.  This is a crazy world we live in and I guess I could see how some folks are ready to go!


6)  Where can I find a lender?

where can i find a lender

How is looking for a loan shark higher priority than looking for a lender?  Dang folks!  There is some serious financial education that needs to be provided out there in the world.


7)  Should I use a lender?

should i use a lender

On that note, asking whether or not you should use a lender is a legit question.  Asking if you should be using a laxative is questionable.  I don’t think I have ever had to ask about this before. I’m pretty sure when I need a laxative!


8)  How do I buy a rental property?

how do i buy a rental

Do you really need to ask how to breathe??  Speechless on this one.


9)  Are manufactured homes good investments?

are manufactured homes good investments

Ha!  I thought at least time travel one was wishful thinking.  But mermaids!!??  Come on folks!


10)  Can I trust a realtor?

can i trust a realtor

Finding a good realtor who looks out for your best interest and that you can trust seems to be hard to find now a days.  Apparently so are russian women!!

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11)  What city should I invest in?

what city should i invest in

I guess people are really finding drugs online, doing them,  then trying to figure out what city they are in.  Haha!


12)  Should I keep my rental property?

should i keep my rental

Uh!!  Who in the world is Alfred Bloodborne and Mr House and why are people out to get them??  They must not be popular people!!


13)  How to purchase a foreclosure?

how to purchase a foreclosure

I’m guessing this is the search done after the decision has been made to kill alfred bloodborne.  What a violent place we live in!


14)  Should I get a property inspection?

should i get a property inspection

Drug dealers, loan sharks and now prostitutes??  I feel like we are living in the real life Grand Theft Auto here.  What is this world coming to?


15)  Why cant I find a cheap house?

why cant i find a cheap house

Okay, now might be the time to start asking if you should use a laxative or not!?


16)  Is it possible to get a commercial loan?

is it possible to get a commercial loan

Time travel, mermaids and now flying?!  Forget Grand Theft Auto, we are living in a comic book apparently.


17)  Is having a house still the american dream?

is having a house still the american dream

Hahaha, im pretty sure if you have a hole in your heart, that is bad!  No need to ask this question people!


18)  Which direction will rates go?

which direction will rates go

I am clueless on this one.  What in the world is wheel three?


19)  Why do tenants suck?

why do my tenants suck

There are some serious problems out there in the world and this one is a bad one!


Aren’t these some crazy google autosuggests?  So funny, I love google!  Or should I say I love people!  Which is your favorite autocomplete?

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    • Thanks for checking it out. It really is crazy what shows up on the auto suggest.

    • haha thanks for checking it out. It definitely made me chuckle!

  1. With a physics degree, I’ve frequently thought about time machines. Some of the theoretical stuff gets pretty interesting.
    Maybe people look up time machine and it points to drugs. But you need drugs and prostitutes to make the time machine work. Coincidentally, time travel makes you delirious, gives you constipation and makes your testicles hurt.

    • Hahahaha! Kyle, that is the funniest non spambot comment I have ever received on this blog.


  2. I don’t know whats funnier, the content, or your commentary to it.

  3. If she grew up in Russia it’s probably best to cut your losses now. Just saying….

  4. HAHA. Shared this gem on twitter! The fact that those terms come up suggests that there are not one but MANY people asking those seriously bizarre questions… Found you on Pinterest by the way.

    • Thanks for sharing! I do think they are hilarious for sure. Its crazy what kinds of questions people ask on google. Mind boggling!

      Really happy to hear you came from pinterest. Ive been trying to get a bigger presence on there to bring in more traffic! Its working!! Woot Woot!

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