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For all of you who like to binge read!! ūüôā ¬† Here are all my posts to date. ¬†Newest on top.


September 2018 Net Worth Update

August 2018 Net Worth Update

July 2018 Net Worth Update

June 2018 Net Worth Update

I sold one of my turnkey rental properties in a Class Neighborhood

May 2018 Net Worth Update

April 2018 Net Worth Update

Airbnb update: Actual Income and Expenses after first two months

March 2018 Net Worth Update

February 2018 Net Worth Update

January 2018 Net Worth Update

How I converted a rental property into a vacation rental

December 2017 Net Worth Update

November 2017 Net Worth Update

October 2017 Net Worth Update

August 2017 Net Worth Update

How to Find Sold Comps Without a Realtor

July 2017 Net Worth Update

Full details and numbers on my newest rental property #7

June 2017 Net Worth Update

Why Indianapolis is a good city to invest in Real Estate

May 2017 Net Worth Update

I Paid Off My Mother’s Credit Card and It Felt Amazing!

April 2017 Net Worth Update

I am now making $3000 in monthly passive income!

March 2017 Net Worth Update

February 2017 Net Worth Update

Amazon FBA Update – Closing down shop, business is over, FAIL!!

January 2017 Net Worth Update    $500k Milestone!

Replacing my Jeep Wrangler with  a Minivan

December 2016 Net Worth Update

November 2016 Net Worth Update

Amazon FBA Income Report after the first 2 months

October 2016 Net Worth Update

I Purchased Rental Property #5 in Indianapolis

September 2016 Net Worth Update

Amazon FBA Update – How To Sell Private Label Products using Amazon Fullfillment

5 Ways Turnkey Rental Companies Inflate ROI

August 2016 Net Worth Update

7 Real Estate Investing Tips For Beginners

How To Sell Your House For Sale By Owner

July 2016 Net Worth Update

June 2016 Net Worth Update

How Moving From a Higher Cost of Living City to a Lower Cost Of Living City Will Help Me Reach Financial Freedom Faster

1 Year Of Blogging Completed – Lessons Learned and Yearly Blog Income Report

May 2016 Net Worth Update

Prepare your thought process for successful real estate investing

My Wedding Day In Austin, TX, Got Married!!

April 2016 Net Worth Update

Six Tips For Purchasing A Rental Property Out Of State

Amazon FBA Side Hustle: Bulk Manufacturing Underway

How Investors Can Benefit From The Millennial Generation

Investing in Wall Street – My Stock Portfolio

Blog Income and Traffic Stats Report РMarch 2016  (10th month of blogging)

March 2016 Net Worth Update

How To Terminate A Property Management Company

How To Property Analyze a Turnkey Rental Property  (guest post I did at Financial Nirvana Mama)

Selling Private Label Products using Amazon FBA – Experiment

Blog Income and Traffic Stats Report РFebruary 2016  (9th month of blogging)

February 2016 Net Worth Update

How To Grow Twitter Followers For Free and In Under 10 Minutes Per Day

How To Side Hustle To Buy More Rental Properties

How I Purchased 4 Rental Properties in 10 Months

Blog Income and Traffic Stats Report РJanuary 2016 (8th month of blogging)

January 2016 Net Worth Update

Reasons Why Having A Dog Can Help You Achieve Success

I Have A Dream..To Be Financially Free!

Blog Interviews: Get to know the real me!

Blog Income and Traffic Stats Report РDecember 2015 (7th month of blogging)

December 2015 Net Worth Update

She said “Yes!”. ¬†My wedding proposal on New Years 2016 in New Orleans.

Is Passive Income The Key To Being Happy?

Advantages Of Purchasing Turnkey Rentals

Disadvantages Of Purchasing Turnkey Rentals

Blog Income Report And Traffic Stats for November 2015 – (6th month of blogging)

November 2015 Net Worth Update

Real Estate Passive Income Report –¬†November 2015

Top Holiday Gifts For Real Estate People

My First Ever Real Estate Investment – From Foreclosure to Self Generated Performing Note

6 Red Flags To Watch For When Purchasing Turnkey Rental Properties Р BiggerPockets Featured Article

Blog Income Report And Traffic Stats for October 2015 – (5th month of blogging)

October 2015 Net Worth Update

I Just Bought My 4th Turnkey Rental Property

Real Estate Passive Income Report – October 2015

Turnkey Interview: 10 Questions with Lance

How I Helped My Girlfriend Defeat Debt

Blog Income Report And Traffic Stats for September 2015 – (4th month of blogging)

Top 5 Turnkey Rental Property Exit Strategies

September 2015 Net Worth Update

Top Reasons To Back Out From Buying a Turnkey Rental Property

Turnkey Interview: 10 Questions with Anton Ivanov

Turnkey Interview: 10 Questions with David Hutson

Freedom Fighter Interview at Gen Y Finance Guy (Guest/Interview post I did)

The Greatest Real Estate Quotes

Turnkey Interview: 10 Questions with Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Blog Income Report And Traffic Stats for August 2015 – (3rd month of blogging)

Top 6 Reasons Why You Won’t Succeed¬†– Guest Post on LinkedIn Pulse

Guest Interview I did at Debt Discipline

Turnkey Interview: 10 Questions with Joey Noel

August 2015 Net Worth Update (- $1,176)

Turnkey Interview: 10 Questions with Kenyon Meadows

DraftKings Is My Kryptonite!

Blogging: The Funniest Spam Comments of All Time

How To Find Crime Statistics On Rental Properties

How To Determine Market Rent on Out-of-State Rentals?

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Blog Income Report and Traffic Stats ‚Äď July 2015 (2nd month of blogging!)

Top Reasons Why You Are Scared To Invest In Real Estate

10 Questions With Cash Flow Diaries (Guest Interview Post I did with Mr.1500)

Podcast: Interview On Investing With Turnkey Properties

July 2015 Net Worth Update  (+$11,374)

How To Get More Than Four Mortgages

5 Great Debt Destroying Tips

Top 8 FREE Real Estate Investing Books

Is Buying a Turnkey More Expensive Than Fixing, Renting Yourself?

10 Must Have Traits Needed to Achieve Success

Blog Income Report and Traffic Stats ‚Äď June 2015¬† (First full month of blogging!)

19 Hysterical Real Estate related Google Autocompletes

June 2015 Net Worth Update (+ $8,216)

Turnkey Investing: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly¬†(Guest post featured on FiFighter’s blog.)

Fight of the Century: Flipping vs Buy and Hold

A Step By Step Guide: How to Purchase a Turnkey Rental Property

31 Best Questions to Ask a Property Management Company

Top 13 Rental Property Deductions

Why I track my Net Worth Publicly

31 Questions to ask a Turnkey Property Seller

Third Turnkey Rental Property in the books! РActual numbers and ROI.

Top 6 Reasons to Buy a Rental Property

The true meaning of Katy Perry‚Äôs ‚ÄúROAR‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Destroying credit card debt??!!!

Top 10 Qualities for a Property Management Company

How to create a blog Step by Step

How to track your rental income and expenses

The easiest way to increase cash flow is…

Due diligence trip to Indy for turnkey purchasing

Why invest in out of state rental properties?

What is a turnkey investment rental property?

Turnkey investment property criteria

My second turnkey investment property¬†–¬†Actual numbers and ROI.

My first turnkey rental property investment.¬†–¬†Actual numbers and ROI.

From primary house to rental. My first rental.

Property #1 details ‚Äď Primary House

Net Worth First Post ‚Äď 05/21/2015 @ $310,683

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