Blog Income Reports

blog income reports

The Ultimate List of Monthly Blogger Income Reports

Bloggers are making money and here is the list to prove it.  It is amazing!  In the short time I have been blogging I have become fascinated with reading income reports of other bloggers making money with their blogs.  It’s truly mind blowing how much money can be made from blogging.   And it’s even more amazing how there are so many bloggers out there willing to share their monthly blog income reports with the world.  There are some big time earners out there and it’s really motivating seeing how they are doing it!  It’s also really cool to see how the smaller blogs stack up with the big ones.   Use this list to compare and gauge what size blogs and kinds of blogs are making money and how much of it!

If you already have a blog and are interested in monetizing it, you can can get actual real world examples, tips and ideas on how to do this by reading these monthly income reports.  Find out how it’s already being accomplished.

If you have not  yet created a blog but want to, check this easy step by step guide on how to create a blog in just minutes.  You too can make money blogging.  This however is not a get rich quick scheme or anything of the like.  It is very difficult to make money blogging and it takes so much time, experience and effort to accomplish this.  I know because in the short time I have been blogging, I have barely made any money at all from it and I’ve poured my heart and soul into Cash Flow Diaries.  I’m still trying to learn from others how to properly make money blogging and in the mean time, I will continue logging my journey to financial freedom and trying to help others get there.

Below is a list of all the bloggers I found who are actively recording their monthly blog income reports.  The number next to the link is the amount of money made in the last recorded month.    I will update this list every month with new figures and remove/add bloggers as needed.   If you would like to be added to this list, shoot me a message.

Blogger Monthly Income Reports

The list is in order by who made the most monthly income with their blog for the last reported month.
1.  Smart Passive Income: $151,137.88
2.  Making Sense of Cents:  $91,764.63
3.  So Over This: $53,283
4.  Just a Girl and Her Blog: $41,700
5.  Johnny FD:  $26,921.22
6.  Matthew Woodward: $22,759.89
7. Show Me The Yummy:  $21,206
8. Believe in a Budget:  $11,195.28
9. Single Moms Income:  $8,872.31
10. Easy Baby Life:  $7,076
11. Online Business Realm:  $6,864.00
12. Treasure Gnome:  $5,282.43
13. Boho Berry:  $4,479.64
14. Well Kept Wallet:  $4,479.01
15. Pickled Plum:  $3,428.73
16. Retired by 40:  $3,328.10
17. The Frugal Millionaire Blog:  $3,160.53
18. My Path To Passive Income:  $3,061.88
19. One Hour Professor:  $2,939.28
20. Jessica Gavin:  $2,879.67
21. The Bewitchin Kitchen:  $2.272.40
22. Arts & Classy:  $2,198.43
23. Mostly Morgan:  $1,964.09
24. Recipe This:  $1,576.64
25. This Fairy Tale Life:  $1,428.35
26. Income Bully:  $1,251
27. Gluten Free with LB:  $711.11
28. Passive Income Trek:  $658.42
29. Cash Flow Diaries:  $515.14                     ← This is me!
30. Passive Income Wise:  $418.50
31. Keep It Simply, DIY:  $201.79
32. The Extra Income Project:  $79.29
33. Living Fully And Free:  $71.01
34. My Work Money Life:  $-865.23


**Updated** 1-27-2017
I will periodically check income reports listed here for updates and update the rankings accordingly.  If you want to be added to this list, shoot me a message here.


  1. Wow, great list! Even though I have one of the smallest blog incomes, I’m excited to be surrounded by all these amazing bloggers! Thanks for including me!

    • Hi Kristin! Yeah I was going to let you know later today that you were on here. Glad you saw it already. Haha don’t feel bad about the blog income, im almost at the very end. It’s truly amazing though how much $$ bloggers are making.

      • Hey really cool to see the big list and see where my income stands on it. Number 8 isn’t to shabby! Especially considering I would have been at number 30 just a year and a half ago!

        • Your progress is super awesome. Still trying to figure out how you started getting all those page views!! 😉

  2. Hey Johnny, Number 8 is amazing are you kidding! Keep up the great work bud. You are one of the bloggers that inspire me. Its amazing you have made such a significant impact in your blogging income in just one year!

    • Hey Alexander it’s an honor to be on the list! And thanks for the update, made it to #6 this month woohoo! Just a Girl – Watch out i’m on your heels!

  3. Hi! Thanks for including me. However, I don’t understand where $2,604 comes from? I am earning more than that 🙂

    • Hi Sharon, I was initially just tracking one of your blogs but Ive decided to add them all up now since they all technically count. Youre right! Sorry. Ive updated the list. Youre at #12 now! Very inspiring!

  4. Hi Alexander, thank you for the add! Your list looks wonderful and inspiring! I have a long long long way to go for sure. I think I am probably one of the laziest blogger since I don’t spend much time advertising or networking. I look forward to reading your tips and etc. Thank you!


    • Hi Misha! Youre welcome! The list is very inspiring and just shows you what kind of potential is out there. Pinch of Yum, #3 on the list is also a food blogger like yours and she is making insane amounts of money from food blogging. You should pay attention to how she does it. I want my girl friend to start a food blog too but she just doesnt have the time to do it right now. It is very time consuming once you really take the initiative to try and make an awesome blog.

      Ill be keeping an eye on your reports each month, hopefully you can start making some more money! 😉

      • Thanks! I heard about them too, they are definitely an inspiration! I am a leisure blogger, don’t really operate it like a full time job, I should though! I am not very good at networking and advertising on social media, but it appears that you are very great at it!

        I read your entries about asset portfolio too, great work btw! Are you currently loving your turnkey purchases? Have been looking into turnkey purchases with intention to put long term tenants there, but since I live in UK now, it’s a little pain in the butt to fly back to the state. So my question is, did you literally just fly there once and see the place, then just hire someone to do it all? Any problems so far?

        Have a lovely day!

        • Well so far Misha my turnkey purchases have been amazing but I havent held them long enough to see any damage yet. So only time will tell but what I can tell you is that I am crazy picky and selective about what properties I buy to minimize risk. I flew out once and met tons of people that do “everything” for you and now that I trust them, I don’t plan on flying out there anymore unless its some grave circumstance or if I start working with a new turnkey provider.

          Shoot me a contact message if you want more details.

    • It is SUPER inspiring I agree. You’re very welcome Erin, Thanks so much for posting your income reports each month. I’ll be pulling for you to make it further up the list 😉

  5. Hi,

    I’m a blogger from Malaysia. I was impressed with your list of online income report and it has inspired me to work harder. In the future, i want you to add me as part of the awesome list. Currently i’m generating online revenue about $200 per month through google adsense and only joined the affliate marketing for 2 months.


    • Hi Skytech,

      Yes the Ultimate List is really impressive. Thanks for checking it out. I checked your blog and dont see any income reports. Send me a contact message with more info if you have it. $200 per month on google adsense is very impressive. Congrats on that!

  6. Wow! Great list – I never thought blogging could be so lucrative! I would like to see how the personal finance blogs compare to the bloggers this list. Still trying to figure out what these guys do to earn that kind of monthly income…

    • Man, I can’t believe how gimmicky a lot of those blog are at the top of the list-most of the products they offer are like infomercials + self help books. Still trying to figure out how they make money other than the how to write a blog tutorials.

    • Apparently it’s very lucrative but for the amount of bloggers out there. Only a small percentage is making actual money. It can definitely be done though obviously.

  7. This is a great source of inspiration. It can be more helpful if the time since inception for each blog is given. That way, new bloggers will be able to consider hard work the big boys have done to reach this point.

    • Hi Dawood! Im glad you are inspired by these. I am also trust me! Its amazing. I like the idea of putting down when the blog was created but not all the bloggers have this info handy. I can tell you that my personal income report is from a new blogger. July 2015 was my 2nd full month of ever blogging. So far my numbers have been increasing in every category which is awesome!

      Here is a direct link to my reports: (I just posted my july report)

  8. Thanks for adding me to the list Alexander. I feel awesome to be a part of it. Your list has been a great help and I have learnt so many things going through these income reports.

    • Youre welcome Sumit! It is a great list to part of and I am really glad that it is helping you with your blog.

    • Hi Christina! I should be thanking you for reporting your blog and income stats. If it were not for bloggers like yourself, this page wouldnt exist. You rock! Ill keep an eye on your reports each month and will be very eager to see any progress made.

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. Thank you so much for adding me and for compiling these! I love reading income reports. I can’t wait to look at everyone’s numbers. If I remember next month I’ll link to this from my income report and share with everyone 🙂

    • HI Alexa! Thanks for kind words. You are very welcome. Thank you for sharing your income reports for the world!! I just love reading these too!!

    • Anytime my friend. Glad to see another blogger posting their numbers. Thanks for reaching out!

  10. Well, it is encouraging to learn that one can actually make money blogging. Most bloggers that share their income report wants to show and inspire others that blogging can actually be a way to earn.

    Its a good thing to read these shared report, however, one must not be carried away with mind-blowing figures at all times. The important thing to do is learn more and become an expert.

    I am not saying that earning in blogging is wrong but learning will profit the newbie more than earning in the long run!

    I left the above comment in as well

    • Hi Sunday!

      Thanks for the comment. It is very inspiring seeing that there are many successful bloggers out there making that kind of money but of course, there are many also out there not making money and are in the negative.

      I agree it is very difficult to get to that point like some of those bloggers are making.

  11. Hi Alexander,

    This is such an awsome post, really inspiring. I can magine the feeling that comes to ones mind looking at these figures, you just can’t imagine it enough.

    But I have some feelings when I read about articles like this one; to wrong mindset….it could pose a very big danger to their online business.

    What articles like this tells is just one side of the story (the success part) and fails to see through behind the scene of what goes underground before these figures are achieved.

    Newbies who read this think all is rose with blogging for money and quickly jump on the bandwagon only to find at the start of it that not all that gliters are gold.

    There is plenty to learn and go through in blogging for money that newbie should be aware of and read first. I agree, this could also inspire anyone to do better with his blog, but caution, caution and caution.

    Thanks Alex, nice read.

    • Hi Shamsudeen! I completely agree with you. Most of those are all success stories. The bloggers at the bottom of the list, like me 🙂 are all what probably most bloggers make. Not much at all.

      I put in so many hours into my blog, I probably get paid like .5 cents per hour. LOL, but I dont care because I love blogging. Its a great way to get my creative juices out there and help others with investing.

      For me its not about the money I make with the blog, because I dont make much but if I ever did, of course that would be awesome!

  12. Hey Alexander,

    There’s a lot of non believers out there that doesn’t see blogging as a way to make money. You’ve put together a great list of blogs that show how much money different blogs are making.

    This will give a lot of people the confidence that it is definitely possible. I also like the fact that you mentioned it takes a lot of hard work to accomplish this and that it isn’t easy. There’s no get rich quick way to do this!

    Thanks for sharing Alexander! Have a good one!

    I found your post on under the category of Make Money Online

    • Sherman I imagine if I ever told someone that I blog for a living, they would laugh in my face! Ha, I dont blame them. Out of the million bloggers out there, only probably a super small percentage are making that kind of money. That is just a guess though.

      What we know though is that it can be done and if you are driven enough, you can make it happen too. Anyone can do anything if the put the right amount of time and effort into it.

      What I like reading about them is that they all make money different and they tell you who is paying them, so you can get great ideas. Not to mention, they are all different niches of bloggers. Some are food bloggers, personal finance, etc… Its great and opens up your mind to possibilities!

      Thanks for commenting.

  13. Hi Alexander,

    Whenever I see somebody’s traffic and income report, I feel very happy by seeing the opportunities bloggers have to earn money from online when it comes to implementing same strategies in my blog may not work for me.

    Income reports will help us to find where money earning opportunities are lying and it motivates you a lot, thanks for sharing this information with us, see you soon.

    • Yes that is very true. Its very nice to learn from others and possibly try it out on your own blog. Thanks for the comment!

  14. Hi Alexander,

    This is it! This is a great list that will give booster for other bloggers. Indeed, there are many people who started blogging because they want to earn money from blog. If they see this they will see real examples of their dreams. 🙂

    You are great, you can earn that much money in your two months blogging. I’m sure you could earn more for the next month. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this. Keep up the hard work!

    I found your blog from Kingged where this comment posted in there as well.


    • Nanda! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I got lucky this month (august) and had a post go viral. Well it was viral in my opinion and because of that huge boost, I was able to surpass all my numbers from July. Ill be posting my August stats in a week or two. Will be exciting!

  15. wow! Pat flynn is the biggest earner here. Oufff
    I did not know that many other blogger were so into monthly income report
    thanks for your work

    • Thanks Andreea, Yes it is amazing how many reports are being published every month. I appreciate the feedback!

    • Hey David! Yeah no problem, thanks for posting your income report. Cant wait to see the new project!

  16. Hi,
    This list accelerates me to make more efforts in the online world. I think you made this commission through the affiliate sale. Patflynn is the kind of income reports. He always inspires other bloggers to make money online. I would keep engaged with this post to know more about income reports.

    I would suggest you one thing. It would be better to post the income reports each month. After few months, you would have a considerable post and when someone will need to see the income proof, he or she will come to your site. You may get linking to your posts.


    • Hi Nikhil,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes Patt Flynn is a great role model for making money online. I actually saw him last week and I felt like he was a celebrity. Crazy! Thanks for the feedback.

  17. Hi,

    Thanks for this list. It is really inspiring. I started my own blog, but am not sure how to go about and earn some passive income from it. It has been running for a month now and I have got feedback from different people that I really publish some good content which is really helping them. Even the traffic is getting bigger each day which motivates me to go on.

    Please visit if you have some time and I would really appreciate for any help I can get on how to improve it and also earn some income from it

    Thanks and regards


    • Hi Vieson,

      I like your blog. Im not making much money from my blog yet but what has been working for me so far are putting adsense ads on the top and bottom of posts and also using affiliate advertising (blue host, flex Offers).

      You can try that otherwise I would read each report of the bloggers above and find out how they are doing it. Most of them say where it comes from. You just have to apply it to your site.

  18. wow that is great. I knew people were making money from blogging. I just didn’t know how much. They must be really good at seo also. Who built your woodpress site for you? or what theme is it?
    I have doing research on how to get more visitors to my sites. I am going to try facebook ads next.

    • Yep its crazy that you can actually make a really good living just on blogging and making money online. I love that! I am using the promax theme on my site and I think it was $18 for the full version. Let me know how your facebook ads work after you do it.

  19. Hello Alexander,

    I am one of your followers since the beginning and I really appreciate your work done here. I wrote some comments before and you always answered. Thank you.

    Now I am here to ask you to include my new blog in your Blog Income Report list. I created my new website last week however my income report is about my Niche Site. Please, could you include it to the list?

    Here is the link to my Income Report for October 2015:

    I included you as one of my inspirations for doing this blog.


    Francisco Anes

    • Hi Francisco,

      Im really happy to see you are tracking your reports on line with the rest of us. Congrats!! I look forward to seeing your progress. I have officially updated you on the list.

      Thanks so much!

  20. This is complete motivation for me to keep on blogging and not giving up. Thanks for taking the time to put this list together. I know it takes some time searching Google for these folks updated income reports.

    Residual income is great though.

    • That is awesome! Really happy to see this is motivating you. It motivates me as well. To think there are already people out there making a ton of money from blogging just shows it can be done. Just need to keep at it and try really hard!

    • Thanks so much for including me in your list. Of course I don’t mind. That is awesome and I really appreciate it.

      Ill be keeping an eye on yours as well to see how you progress!

    • Awesome! Okay ive added you and put the link to your blog under your income tag so please remember to mark all your reports using that tag like you did that first one. 🙂

      Cant wait to see your progress.

  21. Alexander, thank you so much for championing this cause and pulling this list together. I have been inspired by many bloggers income reports over the last year and felt a calling to put together a site that documents each of their journeys so that we can all learn from those who have gone before us, whether they made $10 or $10k.

    Last month when I started creating my database of over 1400 months of income reports, this page was the biggest help to me. You’ve collected such an awesome bunch of sites, and I sincerely thank you.

    I’ve found a few that you might not have seen yet, so I’d love to help you out any way I can. You can check out my Complete List of Bloggers Who Share Income Reports at

    Thanks and keep crushing it!

    • Hey Chad! Right on brother! I agree and the list is super inspiring. Ill be sure to check out your list too. Thanks a lot!

    • PinchofYum is simply awesome. They are publishing their income report without any fail and I am following them from last couple of years.

      • Yeah I am very familiar with pinch of yum and used to have them on here but to be honest, I got tired of calculating their net profit each month. For some reason, they list all their income and expenses but dont calculate the net and they have a lot of items for both. It’s really just me being lazy!! 😐

  22. Great List. Its much time saving for bloggers. Thanks
    Let me know how can I submit my blog for this report?


    • Hi Ahmed! Thanks! Send me a link to your monthly blog income reports so I can review it and if it looks good, I will add it. 🙂

  23. Wow. I love this list. As a new blogger, I often feel overwhelmed and sometimes uninspired because it feels like an uphill battle trying to figure out this business. This list has really helped me compile a great deal of resources for what I hope will be a successful blog in the future. Thank you for this!

    • Hi Tomeka!

      This list is perfect for new bloggers. You get to see all the cool ways the other more experienced bloggers are already utilizing. I know that all the ways I make blog income has been learned from what these other people are doing. Its truly inspiring!

  24. That is awesome that your blog is in 37th place after just 9 months! This is a really cool list that shows the top 6 bloggers are making like 80% of the revenue 🙂

    • Honestly, any income I get from the blog at all I am grateful for. I dont even care where I fall on the list but I am really hoping the income continues to grow.

  25. I have a blog about camera bags that makes me about $70 per month, and I’ve been tweaking it since January and am seeing gains over 2015’s income. Nice to see some lower tiered bloggers who post their reports, too. It’s always intimidating to see the big numbers and big players. So I often go back into their archives to see what it was like when they started. Not everyone has the gumption to post their early earnings – because it is embarrassing on some levels… but the fact is, everyone starts somewhere! I post my reports on my blogging niche website here: Hoping to get up to $1000 by this time next year!

    • Hi Carlin,

      Yes that is exactly why I like to keep the low income bloggers on here as well. To show that it is not easy to make money blogging and also to see actual examples of smaller blogs and newer blogs.

      Thanks for checking it out!

  26. Nice to have found a list of this kind. Thanks for sharing. Now I have to set up my goals, work harder and ultimately get listed 🙂

    • Hi Cole! If you started reporting your blog income monthly, let me know and ill add you. 🙂

    • Hi Allan,

      Thanks for reaching out. Congrats on the awesome first month. Do you have a link that will show all your income reports? Like a category link or something? If so, send me that. It prevents me from having to update individual links each month.

  27. Hi,
    This is the best aggregator list I have seen so far! I started blogging recently and have just hit $273.95 in net income. I know it is nothing compared to the blogging greats, but could you kindly add me to the list as well?

    • By all means, definitely send me your monthly income report if you have one and ill be more then happy to add it. 🙂

  28. Ha, guess we are doing something seriously wrong 😉 The total ad income for May was about €3, considering that the annual fees to keep the website running are €6/month, the website/blog is more of an expense than a income stream at this time. But we are having fun, which is worth something as well.
    Cool post!

    • Haha yeah it takes time to finally figure out, implement and start making a profit. I spent countless hours reading up and was able to make money pretty fast but by all means, its not much at all. Im definitely getting enough to pay for the hosting and all that but i wish I could get more. 😉

  29. While I have been following this since last year, I just figured I should say THANK YOU for keeping an updated list of these. It really is great to see what others are doing and to get inspiration.

    • Youre welcome Mark! Thanks for checking out the list. I like to go through it once a month and remove/add as needed. Its tough finding bloggers who consistently track it every month. A lot quit after awhile.

      • Yeah, I was one of those, but it was due to some (good) life changes. Now, I’m back to blogging, and creating my (lack of) income reports and it certainly helps seeing others.

        Love your site. Keep it up!

  30. Echoing what Mark says above, thank you for taking the time to aggregate these sites.
    I’ve just begun my passive income journey and one of my aims is to get added to this site as it’s so useful and inspirational. Unfortunately I’ve started rather poorly as the ad network and affiliate links scheme I was hoping to join refused my application. My fault, but bit of a shock.

    • Hi Matt! It’s difficult to get started monetizing the blog especially when the ad companies dont approve. Just keep making tweaks to your blog and keep sending the requests to join. Eventually they will let you in.

      • I have always told bloggers to never put ads on your blog when you start it for a few months. Focus on the design tweaking, user experience and getting a lot of quality content on there. Then slowly experiement with ways to earn money. Try affiliate marketing for a month or two, apply for 1 ad network and if approved try that for a month. If the results don’t look promising, don’t waste months of testing 1 revenue method out, experiemtn with more.

        When you find 1 that makes you money each month then stick with that one and try to sell ad space on your blog or again, take the chance again and do affiliate marketing in addition to the ad network that you are using. What works for 1 blogger in regards to earning big money may never ever work for your blog because you are targeting a certain type of audience, niche is totally different or to many people have ad blockers installed and some ads never show to them.

        Keep in mind you need lot’s of traffic that is actually targeted traffic which will help convert into money for you.. Let’s say you have a blog about dog grooming and you are getting backlinks on a high authority fashion blog. That traffic from that blog will not equal money for you or very little because those fashion freaks may not even care about dog grooming and find nothing interesting on your blog so they leave rright away. That effects bounce rate over time and you wasted your time getting a quality backlink on a blog that there visitors most likely don’t care about your blog.

        Took Shoutmeloud years to make over $20,000 a month in revenue on a constant basis and Harsh does not used Adesene ever on his main blog… yet he makes under $500 a month with Google AdSense on his other blogs. He focus on affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews and direct ad sales for income. Less ads on the blog helps a lot in regards to revenue.

        Means the visitor is able to focus on reading the content and clicking on the links in the blog post which could potentially make you money. I make my money in affiliate marketing. Yet I have 1 adsense block on only a few blog pages to use wasted space.

        BTW, I am going to try a new revenue stream. Since I’m an expert in the information technology field (it’s the truth), currently I am writing a book to be published online. I am focusing 100% on the ages of 18 – 30 for this book as I know how to reach theme with what my book is about. About 2 months or little less It will be available in online book companies as my first book and if all goes well, I can write more books as I have so many topics to cover. Still I will run my niched wordpress blog that is not in the Computer field.

        • Hi Derek wow those are some great tips! Thanks for adding that value. I completely agree that every site/blog is different and should be handled appropriately based on user base and readership. It can take time to figure out how to monetize especially when you first start out. I would imagine as readership and page views increase over the years, your blog income should to which is great as long as you do it properly.

          I think your new revenue stream sounds awesome and im pulling for you to succeed with it. Keep me posted. Would love to hear about it.

      • Thank you, I think that’s what I’ll have to do. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.

  31. thanks for sharing the info,as a newbie blogger i am always interesting in knowing what is earning potential of blogs and when i see that kind of figures then feel happy that there is enough potential which i want to earn.

  32. Wow this is such a good idea for a post. I have been looking at many of these sites individually but now that this is bookmarked I will be checking it every month. My sites are making me a few hundred a month depending on the time I have to devote but it’s motivating to see others having success.


    • Awesome! Thanks Paul! Yep I usually update the site once a month, sometimes I have to remove bloggers that havent posted in a while but when I do, I try and look for new bloggers posting monthly.

  33. This is really a great idea to share your blogging success & failures at one place and more over helping everyone by showing what is working & what is not. I love to read such income reports to stay motivated.

    • Thanks Santanu! It takes awhile to go through them all but yes you can really learn a lot by reading how each of them monetize their blogs. Its great!

  34. Wow, I’m so inspired by all of your incomes. I’ve recently quit my profession in Human Resources to pursue my passion for personal finance/career coaching blog. I hope I can be on that list one day! 🙂

    • Congrats Catherine on leaving the corporate world. My wife was in HR also and she quit that when we moved to Indy and now is pursuing online income also.

        • Ha no she doesnt. Its really not related at all to this blog and we are trying to keep them separate at least for now.

      • Thank you! =)

        I miss your income reports…. I also miss a new update in your Amazon experiment.

        Why are you not publishing as often as before? Busy with the rental properties?

        See ya!

        • My last post was a huge update on my amazon business, you should check it out.

          As for the income reports I took a break from doing it because life got really busy and I wasnt seeing any big progress. Im still averaging anywhere from $250 to $600 per month just from the blog. Ill probably start doing the income reports again really soon.

  35. Hi Alex! I’ve been reading your posts about all of these success stories, I have decided to follow my own dreams of becoming a personal finance blogger! I’ve been so terrified of following my own dream due to potential failure but with all of these success stories (like yours) I did it! I created my blog the other day! I saw the above post about side hustles and it inspired me to write about my successful side hustle experience after I got laid off from my job (and was living paycheck to paycheck…scary!) I made a $1000 in a week with this side hustle.

    Posts like this have reminded me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and more than one way to be successful (as opposed to the 9-5 grind). Hard work really does pay off and I can’t wait to see the fruits of my (upcoming) labor!

    • Wow that is great! $1k in a week is amazing for a side hustle. Im happy to hear you started your blog. Getting laid off is sometimes a blessing in disguise and hopefully it works out well for you. ILl check out your post too. 🙂

  36. That’s is awesome. Would you think 5 years ago no one would though you make money though blog!

  37. Alexander, would you like an SEO tip? I see you are using WordPress. So am I.

    WordPress has this setting under “Discussions”.

    Break comments into pages with X top level comments per page and the Last / First page displayed by default

    Do 2 things. Turn on break comments into pages and set display Last page by default.


    Simple, Search engines, at least the first scan of a page do not scan all the content. By showing the pages latest comments first, it make those comments more likely to be read by the search engine’s spiders. This will register as always fresh content and fresh engagement – which is good for SEO.


  38. Thanks for sharing this list of monthly income repors. They are truly an inspiration for bloggers.

  39. Hey Alexander,

    thank you so much for creating this list. Gladly i knew some of them already. But also learned from a lot of new names in the online space.

    And i would be honoured to be on there in the future.
    Keep updating this list. It’s inspiring.


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