Net Worth Tracker

Net Worth Tracker

Tracking my net worth to my first Million Dollars!!  Here is a list of all my net worth tracker links by date.   Please note that I am using my actual real life numbers here.  So please don’t judge me or my feelings will get hurt!  🙂

My plan is obviously to grow my net worth each and every month and hit my first goal of 1 million dollars.  My ultimate goal is to build enough passive income that will exceed my dreadful day job income plus more.  I don’t have an exact figure yet on what I want that number to be but I do know that I am putting myself on an aggressive plan to grow my cash flow and logging all of this publicly will surely help me reach my goals.

Every last penny I get from my investment properties are going to be put right back into purchasing more rental properties and maintaining current properties.  I am only living off of my day job money and also plan on using some of that day job money to invest in more properties.  Currently I am concentrating on purchasing rental properties and starting an Amazon FBA business.  (Update, my amazon business failed!)    But I am still doing rental properties and have recently converted one into an airbnb.

June 2020 Net Worth Update:  $1,040,426 (+75,202)  FINALLY A MILLIONAIRE!!

January 2020 Net Worth Update:  $970,716 (+$77,373)

July 2019 Quarterly Update:      $886,017  (+$4,913)

April 2019 Quarterly Update:    $881,104  ( +$14,802)

January 2019:    $866,302  ( +$21,057)  Now doing Quarterly updates only

September 2018:  $845,245  (+$21,154)

August 2018:  $824,092  (+$56,226)

July 2018:  $767,865  (+$43,991)

June 2018:  $723,874  (+$18,045)

May 2018:  $705,829  (+$7,135)

April 2018:    $698,694   (+$24,749)

March 2018:   $673,945   (+$11,636)

February 2018:  $662,309  (+$11,882)

January 2018:   $650,427  (+$73,039)

December 2017:  $570,656    (+$527)

November 2017:  $570,128   (+$9,736)

Sept/October 2017:  $560,392  (+$14,972)

August 2017: $545,420  (+$13,588)

July 2017:      $531,832   (-$2,479)

June 2017:     $534,344  (+$19,739)

May 2017:      $510,063   (-$3,847)

April 2017:     $513,911   (-$7,706)

March 2017:    $521,617   (+$20,614)

February 2017:  $501,003   (-$4,172)

January 2017:    $505,174  (+ $54,674)    I’m a half a millionaire now!!   🙂

December 2016:  $450,615  (+ $6,677)

November 2016:  $443,938  (+ $3,352)

October 2016:  $440,598  (+ $15,398)

September 2016:  $425,189  (+ $6,761)

August 2016:  $418,428  (- $6,460)

July 2016:  $424,888  (+ $30,648)

June 2016:  $394,240  (+$9,084)

May 2016:  $385,336  (- $3,146)

April 2016:  $380,482  (+  $16,283)

March 2016:  $370,999  (+  $3,719)

February 2016:  $367,279 (+ $12,834)

January 2016:  $354,445  (+ $8,670)

December 2015:  $345,775  (+ $4,136)

November 2015:  $341,639  (+ $5,478)

October 2015:  $336,161  (+ $6,462)

September 2015: $329,699  (+ $602)

August 2015: $329,097  (- $1,176)

July 2015:      $330,273  (+ $11,734)

June 2015:    $318,899 (+ $8,216)

May 2015:    $310,683  (First Post)

My excel spreadsheet  Net Worth Template if you want to start tracking your own net worth.

To setup and track your net worth online, create a free account at Personal Capital.  It’s better then Mint and it’s also the one I currently use.

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    • Thanks so much Elle! I know I was shocked when I first discovered people did this and now I do it. It is super motivating and will help you succeed I think. I see you are tracking it too on your blog. Congrats and ill push for your progress too! 🙂

  1. Great way to keep yourself accountable! Staying on track is one of the hardest parts and it looks like you are nailing it, keep it up!

    • Thanks Nick! I agree, staying on track is hard but once you start doing it, you almost look forward to the progress being made each month. It’s a great motivator.

  2. Owned real estate since 1993
    Got into SFR rentals in 2001 and accumulated 20 SFR and doubled my new worth in 10 years, putting 20% down and amortizing over 30 years.
    Did great until 2010.
    Now finally recovering and almost back to where I was financially before getting into SFR rentals in 2001. But have aged prematurely.
    My advice, buy fewer properties and put more down 30-50% and amortize over 15 yrs to pay off quickly.
    Then sell and get out before you are burned out or worse. Homes are not liquid assets. And may take several economic cycles to sell them off if you live long enough.
    Good Luck.

    • Hi Greg,

      Thank you for the sound advice. Very solid. I would love to hear from you how you got burned on those 9 years later. Were your rent prices not able to accommodate the mortgage payments during the crash?

      I have minimum 25% equity in ALL my properties and more in about half of them. I also collect more then enough cash flow from each one to worst case scenario drop the rent a few hundred dollars and still break even. I don’t actually ever plan on selling these houses. The whole point to why I am doing this is because I want the passive income each month for the rest of my life. So it wouldnt even matter to me if the market crashed and the prices went under. The only thing that matters is that Im still cash flowing or at worst breaking even while I ride out any storms.

      Let me know your thoughts on that and feel free to send me an email at cashflowdiaries @ if you would prefer to let me know there.

      Thanks so much! Really appreciate the feedback.

  3. IT is great you published the Net worth for all to see. I see you are very close to reaching 400K, congrats. Keep motivating others to strive for more in life, and curious to see when you reach the first million. Good luck Cashflowdiaries.

    • I want nothing more but to get to my first mil but its not easy! Hopefully some good things will fall my way this year and help me boost it a bit. Its slow and hard struggle reaching that first million!!

  4. We found your blog on the list of attendees of FinCon from last year and I’m SO GLAD WE DID. This info is freaking amazing and helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    • OMG! That is super cool that you found me from that page. Last year’s fincon was so awesome and im upset I wont be able to go this year but I will be on my honeymoon that month. Im glad you like the net worth posts! 🙂

  5. I saw on JMoney you are now a proud member of the 1/2 millionaire club. Congratu… I will add the lations when the other half is complete.


    • Hahaha! Yeah I agree, I only deserve a “congratu” for now. The “lations” is more important to me though!!

    • Thanks Alex!! Wow when you put it that way that does sound amazing!

  6. Just came accross your blog and it’s great! I’m 47 and have been investing in rental properties for over 20 years and currently have 10 properties (including my primary) and all are paid for except primary. I have been through the ups and downs in the market but didnt sell when the real estate bust hit around 2006 so all recovered and we were not affected. Many people told us to leverage our properties to buy more over the years, but I have always put as much as I could down and then took 15 year mortgages and paid extra when I could. So glad we didnt do that. You’re doing great and will reach your goals in no time. Best of luck

    • That is really great to hear Tracy!! I admire your story and what you have done. Leveraging can be great for growth albeit being more risky then buying cash for sure but at the end of the day, at least for me, its all about having paid off rental properties! That is my long term goal and to live off of that income. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Sorry but you are not a millionaire yet. You need 5 million in assets and 250k annual net income. So maybe a poor millionaire. Regardless of how a millionaire is defined, I must say. Congratulations! I will bookmark this site.

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