Top 6 Gift Ideas For A Real Estate Professional

Top 6 Holiday gifts for real estate

Tis the season!  The holiday season that is.  My favorite time of the year.  Wait no, actually fall is my favorite time of the year but the holiday season is my 2nd favorite.   You see this is the time you can spend more time with your friends and family.  Time to appreciate each other, give gifts and best of all…. Eat together!   It’s pretty much a known fact that I gain close to 10 pounds each holiday season.  It’s hard not to with all the holiday parties each weekend.   There is food everywhere!   I love it!

My girlfriend and I are starting a new Christmas tradition in which we will put up our Christmas tree and decorations a week before thanksgiving.   Most people seem to think that after thanksgiving is a good time to put these up but I just don’t think one month is enough time to have the holiday cheer in the house.   5 – 6 weeks sound good to me which is why we went ahead and just set it all up already.   The picture on the right is the actual Christmas tree that we bought and decorated together.   It took us about an hour maybe a little more to get it all just right and we spent some good quality time doing something together.   If there is an activity that my GF and I can do together, I am jumping all over it!

We decided to do an artificial christmas tree because it will save us money down the road by not having to buy an expensive real tree every year and it is also a lot easier to put up and clean up.   We did not get the cheapest one because we wanted a quality tree with that looks real and looks full.  We plan on using this tree at least for the next 10 years.

Now on to my main topic here.  Buying gifts!  By all means if you will be buying gifts for people I would advise against over spending.  That is the frugal, smart investor in me talking.  The real me however usually ends up over spending.  There are just too many people in my circle of life and I want to get them all gifts.  It is however very difficult to shop for my real estate friends and associates.  Whether it’s a property manager, an investor colleague, landlord, realtor or any other real estate associated industry folks I assure you that these gifts below they will love.

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Top Gift Ideas For A Real Estate Professional


1) Real Estate Related Books

2) Cell Phone Portable Charger

  • Real estate folks are always on the move and are always on the phone.   A portable mini phone charger is an excellent gift and at a very affordable price.  I guarantee they will use this and love it!

3) Travel Mug (Coffee, Beer, Ice, etc…)

  • If you have not heard of the YETI Rambler Tumbler yet, then you should know that they mastered the art of keeping liquid goods hot or cold.  Its mind-boggling how good these work.  Not just the coolers but even the mugs.  They are not cheap by any means but you will never find one that works better than this and you can keep it forever.  Heck you may just want one of these for yourself.

4) Business Card Holder

  • If you are in real estate, then you have business cards.  Lots of them.  This is why anyone in the business would love a new Business Card Holder.  Keep the cards intact and ready to give out.  Cheap gift that they will use for sure!

5) A Good Quality Camera

  • Any real estate professional at some point will need to market themselves or a house they are selling.  You know it, I know it that good quality pictures lead to sales!  If you want to go big, buy them a great quality camera like this Nikon.  They will love you to the end of time if you got them one of these.

6)  A Toilet Plunger

  • Haha, that’s right folks.  A plunger!!  This could be considered a gag gift as well but all investors or real estate professionals will at some day need a toilet plunger.  Might as well get them a good toilet plunger.


Okay you might not like the plunger idea but I like it!  This is the time of the year when you want to show appreciation for the circle of people around you and what better way to do that then to get them a gift.  Whether big or small, cheap or expensive, it does not matter.  It is the thought that counts and they will remember you because of it.

What kinds of gifts will you be buying this year?

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    • Thanks Brian! Oooh, yeah I shouldve put a “tiny house” or something like that. Dang it!

    • Thanks Steve! Actually that lens dial is super cool, youre right! Great addition!

  1. Awesome list!

    How about adding the below to the list….

    Waterproof Keywboard
    A Solar Powered Charger
    Forearm Lifting Straps

    • Thanks Tina!

      Those are really cool ideas also. Forearm lifting straps? I had to look that one up but would totally come in handy sometimes.

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