Top Reasons Why Owning A Dog Will Help You Succeed In Life


having a dog helps you be successful

Dogs are the greatest animals on this planet!  This morning I had an epiphany about how much I love my dog and how my dog is actually helping me be successful in life.  Success is defined as “the accomplishment of one’s goals” per    The way I perceive that is that success can and will be different for everyone.   To some, success is to get rich.  Others to be happy or healthy.   For me personally, it’s a combination of all of them.  I plan on reaching my success goals by building enough passive cash flow to live financially free.   Most of my passive income now is derived from owning rental properties as I find this to be a great source of cash flow and I feel very comfortable investing in real estate.

I believe that your state of mind, emotional and physical health plays an important part in achieving success.   You need passion and drive in order to reach goals and it is very difficult to have these traits when you yourself are not in a well-being state of mind.

So where do dogs come in?  My fiance and I came home last night from being out all day and night and as we were talking over dinner at an awesome Mexican restaurant, we started talking about how we miss our dogs.   Soon after, we just wanted to go home and be with the dogs.  We are dog lovers and there is not a second in this lifetime in which I will never own a dog.   I have an American Pit Bull Terrier, a sweet, caring, loving and beautiful one might I add and she is the easiest dog in the world to take care of.  My fiance has a little King Charles Cavalier who is amazing and super cute as you can tell in the picture.  The dogs get a long great with each other, other dogs and other people.  They are perfect!

I began thinking my life would not be complete without our dogs and that having these dogs is actually helping me reach my dreams.   You see as I mentioned above, my state of mind plays a huge factor in keeping me driven to succeed and that is exactly what these dogs do for me.   They help keep me happy, healthy and loved.  Key attributes in achieving success.

Here are the top reasons why owning a dog will help you achieve success.  Important traits that dogs can give you to help reach your goals.

1) Happiness

  • Owning a dog has been known to make people happy.  You come home from a long day of work, you’re angry at the world, depressed, maybe even looking like a zombie at times ;). Sure enough, as soon you as enter the door, boom!, your dog will treat you like a king.   Tail wagging, running around in circles, licking you to death.   Your dog loves you and will always love you no matter how you come home, no matter what you are thinking, how you look or anything else for the matter.   How in the world would this not brighten your day?   This makes me happy even just thinking about coming home.   And if you are happy, the you one step closer to success!

2) Health

  • There are numerous studies out there that will tell you how owning a dog can help relieve stress, lower your cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and even boosting your fitness.   I love taking my dog to trails where she can enjoy the creeks and nature.  Not only is it great for the dog but it’s great for me.   Getting out and exercising whether its hiking, jogging with your dog even just a short walk will help you live a longer healthier life.   Another key attribute to success.

3) Relationship building

  • According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Science, researchers found that people who reported greater care for animals were also more likely to be involved in their communities and serve in leadership roles.  These types of traits will be huge for networking, building teams, managing employees and ultimately reaching success.

4) Responsibility

  • Taking care of a dog will teach you all kinds valuable lessons in being a responsible person.  You must have discipline, routine and self-motivation to properly take care of your dog.  These are exactly the kind of traits you need in order to get things done in life.   You will not reach success by not learning to be responsible and owning a dog believe it or not, is getting you one step closer.


It might sound crazy to you but I honestly believe that your life will be better and your chances of success improve if you own a dog.  Check out these awesome pictures of my awesome pitty below.  Isn’t she the best dog ever?    What about you?   Do you have a dog?  Do think your dog is instilling traits in your that will ultimately help you reach your success goals?


This is her when she’s sad:

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pit bull love


This is her when she hears the word “Treat”!


And this is her when she’s sleeping.


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  1. I agree! We love our dog Mushu! He’s a Shiba Inu. He gets so much love and attention. As a kid I took care of four dogs at one point. (long story) As a family growing up with dogs, as my brothers and sister got older and moved out they got dogs of their own. There are no better pets.

    • Dogs really are the best! Shiba Inu’s are amazing looking dogs. That is a really good breed you have. I don’t see many of those at all and I love his name. Very unique!

      Its amazing that one dog can make a whole family happy. I agree that there are no better pets!

  2. Hmm!Dogs indeed can help one succeed!They are most loyal creatures I have ever seen. Yes, I agree that taking care of dogs can bring about happiness, health, helpful relationship, and productive responsibility. I don’t own a dog but would love to. Thanks for reminding us of how this creature can help improve our lives.

    The pix of your American Pit Bull Terrier is indeed awesome! My favorite is the late night pix! 😉

    • Hi Sunday! Ha yes that picture is hilarious. I was really surprised to see her sleeping like that. She must have been very tired! LOL

      Im glad you liked the post! Thanks for checking it out and commenting!

  3. We had a couple pits growing up. Great dogs. Nothing like the fear-mongering that occurs in the news. As long as you were friendly, they might lick you to death or beat you into submission with their wagging tail. Thanks for sharing some great content with fun pics of your pup.

    • Pits are great dogs and its a shame that they get so much bad media portrayal. Mine is definitely a licker!

    • Ha yes you are correct. All pets pretty much do this but I personally am just a huge dog person. Never really been into cats or anything else. Cool article, thanks for posting that.

  4. Your dog looks particularly cute when sleeping! I’m not a fan of pets but I do know that keeping one teaches us a lot about responsibility because you are suddenly in charge of not only your own welfare but also that of another creature.

    • Thanks so much Fehmeen! She is a great looking dog. Some people would definitely say that owning a pet is like preparing for having a baby. Its a lot of responsibility for sure. But that is a good thing!

  5. Nice man! Liking the dog and shes cool 🙂
    Great pointers too, we can learn a lot from dogs and animals for that matter

    I don’t have a dog although one day I’m sure there’ll be one

    • Thanks Jef! Man you should really think about getting one later on when you are ready. Its a lot of responsibility for sure but man do they make you happy!

      • Good point Alex, would love to although as you say a big responsibility.. Will be sure to consider it thought

    • Thanks Steve! Black labs are awesome dogs. My cousin has one and she is the sweetest thing on earth. Im sorry to hear she is on her last leg. I bet she has had an awesome life with you.

  6. Everything you said is true of cats, too – except maybe for the tail-wagging and going for walks. 🙂 I like dogs, but for several reasons, I much prefer cats.

    • Haha yes cats definitely should be on the list. I know plenty of cat lovers.

    • Oooh my cousin has a red doberman and he is an amazing dog. Love dobies!!

  7. Thanks for such a nice post.This is true.Dogs are adorable. I love my Boxer dog. and our lifestyle has definitely changed for the better because of him.

  8. This is so true! I completely agree that there are certain traits that develop in a person taking care of a dog that a person owning another pet will not receive. I think owning a dog is great for kids too, especially teens!

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